सुखार्थिनः कुतो विद्या नास्ति विद्यार्थिनः सुखम्।

There is no knowledge for the seekers of comfort, and no comfort for the seekers of knowledge.

                                                                                                                                     – Mahabharata, Udyogparvan – 40.6


Ph.D. Scholars

Parth Prajapati

Hello! I am Parth, a marine science researcher with a strong academic and research background. I have completed my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Marine Science, during which I worked on various dissertation projects. I also have experience working as a JRF in MoES-funded projects and as a visiting faculty in Marine Science, Nursing and Physiotherapy departments of various government universities. I have guided M.Sc. Marine Science students for their dissertation projects and have expertise in Plankton Biology, Icthyofauna, Anthozoans, Marine Pollution, Marine Biotechnology, Biostatistics, Metagenomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics.

Currently, I am working as a JRF in a GSBTM-funded project on AMR network program at the School of Applied Science and Technology (SAST-GTU). Alongside, I am pursuing my Ph.D. under the guidance of Dr. Chandrashekar Mootapally on “Sea Snake venomics: An application of transcriptomics and proteomics for development of polyspecific antivenom and other therapeutics”. I have also participated in a project of “Venom apparatus transcriptome of lionfish: Molecular sieving for potential drug candidates” where I gained experience performing wet lab techniques and bioinformatics analysis.

I am also proud to have applied for a patent for a core sampler with real-time imaging for the collection of intact sediment from submerged bottoms. I am passionate about marine science and continue to expand my knowledge and skills in this field.


Riya Desai

I have completed my M.Sc. in Microbiology from M.S. University of Baroda and gained experience as a Lab Technician at Atal Incubation Centre, Gujarat Technological University. During my tenure, I worked extensively with cancer cell lines and drugs that had anti-cancer cell activity. I also contributed to the Covid-19 diagnosis and got well-acquainted by various molecular biology techniques, including RT-PCR. Presently, I am pursuing my Doctorate under the guidance of Dr. Neelam Nathani on “Analysis of magnetotactic bacterial diversity from different magnetic field regions and their various applications.” I have also participated in a project titled “Venom apparatus transcriptome of lionfish: Molecular sieving for potential drug candidates” under the supervision of Dr. Chandrashekar Mootapally. In this project, I gained expertise in venom transcriptomics and molecular biology techniques, including RNA extraction, cDNA library preparation, Illumina sequencing, Bioanalyzer, and Bioinformatics data analysis.


Mayur Mahajan

I hold a Master’s of Engineering degree in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology and I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. at the Neelam-Chandrashekar Lab. Currently, my research focuses on marine seaweed holobiont to understand the environmental stresses on it and the metabolic functional profiles of its associated bacteria to aid the adaption and acclimatization of the seaweed. Also, I’m trying to understand it from an ecological perspective for environmental monitoring to contribute to the “One Health” initiation. My earlier research was on microalgae for biofuel production, carbon dioxide sequestration and wastewater treatment, industrial-scale development, and purification of biosimilars. 

In the meantime, I like to travel and make road trips, listen to music and podcasts, read mystery and space novels, watch documentaries, and binge-watch Netflix.


Nitin Shukla

I am Nitin Shukla, a research fellow at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC). I am an expert in computational genomics and transcriptomic data analysis with a strong foundation in Linux and HPC computer environments. My expertise lies in creating and executing computational algorithms and workflows for high throughput genomic data analysis. I have collaborated with multiple organizations for training programs and have experience analyzing multi-omics data such as WGS, WES, and RNA-Seq. My work includes quality control, data preprocessing, running pipelines, downstream analysis, and result visualization on a large scale. Currently, I am pursuing my Ph.D. under the guidance of Prof. Chaitanya G. Joshi and Dr. Chandrashekar Mootapally, where my research focuses on cutting-edge genomic analyses.


Priyank Chavda

I am Priyank, a highly skilled Microbiologist with a Master’s degree from The Maharaj Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara. I have extensive experience in the field of Bioremediation, having completed my dissertation on Metal leachate. I have served as a Junior Research Fellow in the GSBTM sponsored project entitled “Ameliorating antimicrobial drug resistance and augmenting fertility through probiotic intervention in postpartum bovine” at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC), Gandhinagar. Currently, I am a Technical Assistant at GBRC, where I have contributed to various in-house projects and provided assistance in experimental designs. I possess knowledge and experience in basic molecular biology techniques, such as DNA and RNA extraction and its quality control. In addition, I am highly skilled in SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic and genomic surveillance in Gujarat at GBRC. Furthermore, I am an expert in the Next-Generation Sequencing facility, providing assistance in library preparation for WGS, Transcriptome, Amplicon metagenome, exome, etc. for both Ion Torrent semiconductor sequencing and Illumina sequencing technology. I have also been a resource person for the training on NGS and Metagenomic data analysis conducted by GBRC.


Purva Gohil

Currently working on Ameliorating antimicrobial drug resistance and augmenting of fertility through probiotic microbiome intervention in postpartum bovine and equine


Project Scholars

Devanshi Desai

I am a highly skilled Researcher, currently spearheading a groundbreaking project on AMR surveillance network (Environment Node) at the School of Applied Sciences & Technology (SAST), Gujarat Technology University. My expertise lies in handling diverse clinical samples and performing molecular diagnoses for infectious diseases like SARS-COV2, HBV, HCV, HIV, Dengue, Chikungunya, PB19, CMV, EBV, Tuberculosis, CDV, H1N1.

I have previous experience of working in molecular diagnosis projects for Dengue and CDV at the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre, GoG, further adding to my extensive experience in the field. I am committed to making further strides in the field of molecular diagnosis and AMR networking and strive to make a meaningful difference in the world of science.


Masters/ Interns

Gaurangkumar Makwana

I am Gaurangkumar, a highly motivated Biotechnology student pursuing my M.Sc. in Industrial Biotechnology. My dissertation work focuses on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Anaerobic Culturing Techniques, showcasing my proficiency in cutting-edge scientific research.

I am proud to have represented “Bio-Integrated Science for Sustainable Living” in Science Manthan 2023, organized by the P.D. Patel Institute of Applied Science at the Charotar University of Science & Technology, Anand. My teammate, Aditi Kaloni, and I presented Gujarat’s first paludarium, which secured the first prize, highlighting our innovative approach to science.

I have published six book articles in Research Insights of Life Science Students (RILSS) with an ISBN number in different volumes, further adding to my academic portfolio.

My diverse work experience as a Lab-Chemist at Upper India Inorganic Industries Limited, and at Sifam Healthcare (P) Ltd, has honed my skills and expertise in the field. I have also completed various certifications, including Manufacturing (level 1) & Covid Food Safety Supervisor held & conducted by Global Institute for Education and Research Foundation in collaboration with FSSAI.

I am passionate about science and have participated in numerous camps and workshops, including Biology and Bioengineering Summer Camp 2021 and Science Communication Workshop 2021 at the Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay). In conclusion, I am a dedicated and accomplished student, committed to driving scientific innovation and making meaningful contributions to the field of Biotechnology.


Shailaja Chudasma

I am Shailaja, a passionate biotechnology student. I completed my B.Sc. in biotechnology and am currently pursuing my M.Sc. in industrial biotechnology. I am always seeking new knowledge and opportunities to learn, which led me to attend workshops on DNA isolation and peptide-based vaccine production.

I am proud to have presented an oral presentation on “Efflux transportation and antibiotic resistance in 277 MAGs from marine sedimentomics” at the 2nd Multi-Disciplinary International Conference GTUICON 2022 in Biotechnology Theme: Post-Pandemic Resilience through Biotechnology Interventions organized by SAST-GTU. This was done under the guidance of my mentors, Dr. Chandrashekar Mootapally and Dr. Neelam M. Nathani.

Currently, I am working on my dissertation under their guidance, focusing on antimicrobial resistance (AMR). During this period, I have expanded my knowledge to anaerobic culturing and AMR of anaerobes, which has been a great challenge for me. I am determined to become an expert in the field and contribute to finding solutions to tackle AMR.


mamta varma

I am Mamta, currently pursuing M.Sc. in Industrial Biotechnology and working on a fascinating project on the Venom Apparatus Transcriptome of Lionfish under the guidance of Dr. Chandrashekar Mootapally and Dr. Neelam M. Nathani. My role involves working with various techniques like RNA and DNA extraction, PCR, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, cDNA Library Preparation, Transcriptome Sequencing using Illumina platform, Bioinformatics Analysis of Sequencing Data, and handling advanced equipment like Bioanalyzer and Qubit Fluorometer. I have also completed a 1-month internship on Intellectual Property Rights. Additionally, I have attended hands-on workshops on Reverse Vaccinology and NGS Training, which have expanded my technical skills.

I am a passionate trekker and have completed a basic rock climbing course from Swami Vivekanand Institute of Mountaineering, Mount Abu. Recently, I had the honor of representing Gujarat in the 29th National Adventure Festival-2023.


Bhavika Parekh

I am Bhavika, an aspiring Industrial Biotechnologist pursuing my M.Sc.

Currently, I am working under the guidance of Dr. Neelam Nathani, assisting in an ongoing project aimed at developing non-invasive diagnostic kits for selective human diseases. Through this project, I have gained extensive experience in performing various techniques such as DNA extraction, PCR, primer designing, RT-PCR, and agarose gel electrophoresis.

I have actively sought opportunities to enhance my skills by attending various workshops, including a hands-on workshop on Reverse Vaccinology conducted by SAST, GTU, and a DNA isolation workshop conducted by Mag-genome. Recently, I participated in a workshop organized by CSIR-IGIB where I showcased my knowledge and secured second rank in their quiz competition. Additionally, I have also participated in several national level quizzes organized by different colleges.

I am committed to continuing my pursuit of excellence and contributing to the field of biotechnology through my knowledge and skills.


Bhanderi Rimpal

I am Rimpal, a passionate M.Sc. student specializing in Industrial Biotechnology. I am on a mission to develop cutting-edge non-invasive diagnostic kits for selective human diseases. Under the guidance of Dr. Neelam Nathani, I am enhancing my skills in various techniques like DNA extraction, PCR, Rt-PCR, primer designing and agarose gel electrophoresis. Recently, I had the privilege of participating in the DNA isolation workshop by Mag-genome. My ultimate goal is to make a significant contribution to the field of biotechnology and improve human health outcomes.



Parth Sharma

Currently at Monash University, Wellington Rd, Clayton VIC 3800, Australia


Sneh Bhalani

I have been actively involved in working in the Neelam/Chandrashekar Lab at SAST-GTU from May 2022 to July 2022, where I had the opportunity to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in microbiology and molecular biology. My expertise lies in handling, culturing, and isolating microbial species for performing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) screening in specific and nonspecific media. I have practical hands-on experience in isolating nucleic acids and quantifying them using spectroscopic and fluorometric methods. Currently, my interests lie in oncology, infectious diseases, and virology.